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Group 14 Formulation!

Group Formulation
On the first week of this MC 100 course, our lecturer Mr. Deepak Menon instructed us to form a group consisting of five members respectively. Our group, which is Group 14 for Session B were randomly assigned by the lecturer himself as most groups were already formed and had sufficient members. Our group of 5 consists of four females and a male student made up of different races ie; Malay, Chinese and Indian, and other cultural backgrounds.
There are five phases when a team deals with decision-making tasks which are orientation, conflict, brainstorm, reinforcement, and emergence.
In the beginning during the orientation stage when we conducted our first meeting as a group, we hardly knew head or tail about each other as physical appearance was the only transparency we could use to form judgments about one another. There were mixed feelings involved as it being the first time of us meeting, none of us could understand the character, personalities and temperaments of each other. We started getting to know each other more in depth as we progressed along the first assignment. Each of us were given specific tasks and roles to be completed.
The second phase is brainstorming. In our group, we collectively found sources and information to complete this given assignment. Each team member was given the privilege to voice out their thoughts and opinion on how to better this assignment and their ideas were evaluated as pros and cons before we used them. As we worked on our first group assignment, each other’s strength and weakness surfaced but we managed to work together as a team to complete this assignment.
At the very beginning, communication took a toll on most of us as some of use the group members were not well versed in English. Also we were only familiar with the names of our other fellow team mates via the post our lecturer put up on e-learning; hence we did not know who our group mates were by face. Even though it took us time to get familiar with the names of each group member, we still were able to kick start and complete the assignment. These were the few conflicts we faced but in the end we managed to overcome it as a team keeping a positive and open mind and also being flexible with each other’s character and style of work. Many people think conflicts are a negative impact on a team but not many of them know about constructive conflicts which help to boost team members self-esteem and builds trust within the team itself.
Reinforcement phase in our team was observed close to the deadline of the assignment submission. Each of us used email as a medium of communication to follow up with the progress of the assignment and give comments/ feedbacks on each team member’s respective work. The final phase is emergence; whereby all the team members gave their opinions and final verdict of the assignment before we submitted the final copy. Once the consensus has been made, as a group we collectively agreed to hand in our assignment.
In nutshell, even though we only had about a week to get to know each other, we learnt that every individual looks at life and an idea from a different perspective altogether. Even though in terms of communication, not all of us were at par, yet we respected each other’s ideas and incorporated them in this task to complete this assignment.

Red Eye's Interest

Shafina Ishak, a middle aged adult is currently persuading a degree in psychology in a prestigious University known for its quality education, Help University College. Prior to this, she has completed her foundation in web designing. She spends most of her time watching the idiot box or going to the cinema hall to catch a movie which in turn allows her to generate creative ideas enabling her to create unique designs. Previously she uses the concept and the colours in a movie to create a design or a website and now with that knowledge, she is able to relate the value, concept and the pedagogies of a movie to the field of psychology. She has learnt that a dreamer keeps their dreams alive hence she believes that one has to understand that in order to achieve anything, one requires faith and belief, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. She constantly reminds herself that everything is possible for those who believe in it. Her main goal is to build and run an intensive school for the less fortunate pupils and the main target will be for children with less learning ability. She strongly believes that everyone has a chance to create opportunities and be successful.

Life in a Livin' Capsule

 Born on the 29th of November 1990 in Penang, Gayathri Devi d/o R. Muralidharan is the eldest of two children,a HUGE animal-lover and currently pursuing her degree in Psychology under HELP University College.
She is the founder of Red Bootz, an event management company founded early March 2010 and also the first ever beauty pageant for international students’ here in Malaysia; Miss International Student Malaysia (M.I.S.M.). This pageant was formed on the basis of advancing the exposure of international students’ here in Malaysia and to create a positive image of the international student community and contribute to this immediate environment.
Besides organising events, Miss Gayathri has a strong passion for travelling and getting to know people from different cultures and walks of life. She has travelled to 13 different countries so far in the Asian and Europe continent, Italy and Austria topping her list so far. Her enthusiasm for learning various languages and trying out food keeps growing day by day.
She also loves dancing be it classical or modern dance. She used to perform the Indian classical dance known as ‘Bharathanatyam’ at weddings, festive occasions in temples and also in front of the Kedah royalty. For her dancing is the most expressive way 
to release your emotions and stress. It helps to build stamina and make new friends.

All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” -Walt Disney


True to her astrological sign which is Cancer, Thinagesh is a very artistic person. One of the ways of showing the artistic side of her is by drawing henna, an Indian art. Most of the time her friends and family members would be more than willing to get their palms decorated with henna. Many a times, she was invited to be the henna master in cultural shows, engagements and wedding ceremonies. For example, recently she opened a henna booth for  the Help University College Indian Cultural Society.  

The passion for drawing henna started when she attended the Mehendi Ceremony in a Punjabi friend's wedding. The whole joyful vibe of the Mehendi Ceremony stole her heart. Since then she has been experimenting different patterns and style on her friend and family members. 
In the future, Thinagesh hopes to be better henna artist. She plans to take several courses in Henna design to enhance her talent. Furthermore she has a dream to open a henna boutique so that she will be able to incorporate new ideas such as different colored henna designs as well as glittering henna.     

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Book and a Latte

Amira Farhana is a 20-year old psychology student at HELP University College in Damansara. A life-long book lover, and avid reader, Amira is an active member of the Young Adult literature blogosphere where she writes reviews of the books sent her way by world’s leading book publishers such as Harper Collins, Harlequin Teen, Random House and Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. She hopes to utilize the knowledge and skills she will gain from Bachelor of Psychology at HELP in achieving her dream to own a bookstore some day.

If she could have any superpower, she’d want superhuman visions instead of her inch-thick glasses. When not daydreaming about living in Paris, she can be found sitting at a coffee house with a book, taking pictures with her Fuji Instax Mini, or buying vintage artworks. She is, sadly, still waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter.
 "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time" - John Lubbock

Green Generation

       Wee Hong was a technology lover ever since he was young. He was attracted to it, because of the strong curiosity in his mind. He enjoyed trying any technology that is new,creative and interesting, for example, Apple's ipad.When he was 4, he tried to put an empty AA battery on the cell phone charger and he thought that the battery can be charged as well. This was a na├»ve thought when he was young but it is where the  creativity and innovatory ideas begun. He had this aspiration when he was surrounded by the news that is about global warming, earth’s temperature rising which will affect the next generation, so he thought people should and would have to make changes in their lives.

     He feels that the future will be the green technology generation whereby everyone will drive environmental-friendly car, less pollution, people’s average lifespan is longer. His dream is to develop a city that is environmental friendly and each city can provide enough electricity for itself by using this new technology. All the citizens living in this city are educated to have a strong sense of environmental protection.

      He believed that to make his dream into reality he had to gain support from individuals so that people will get the idea. Just like before I-phone was created, if you tell people that multi-touch screen is cool, people might just agree with you but they doubt it whether it can be built or not. Once it was shown to the public everyone wants to have one, because they have seen it succeed and know it is possible.

       He lives based on the principle that in order to achieve something we have to get ourselves prepared mentally and physically, so that when there are chances for us and we are alert to grab it, so that we would not regret it in our life. Sometimes he gets demotivated but he never lets this get to his head and ensures himself that this is just a normal distraction faced by everyone on the road to success.  

MC100 Group 14 Welcomes You!

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